Looking for Writing Podcasts? I Made One!

There are a lot of creative people out there, and few spaces for them to share and collaborate. After reviewing the writing podcasts out there, and assessing how I might fit into that space, I’ve decided to start my own podcast.

The 1st episode of my podcast, Poems for People, was released on Wednesday (8/14/19).

Along with my typewriter, I bring along some inspiring humans with even more amazing stories. After our conversations, I write a poem on my typewrite (inspired by the convo) in real-time. Afterwards, they read it out loud for all of the listeners to hear.

What Inspired Poems for People?

I was inspired to start a podcast for a few reasons.

First, last year, I started working for a company called EX-IQ. We make a podcast player called NoteCast. This app is unique because while you’re listening to a podcast, you can push a button or say “save that” and the app will capture the last 30 seconds of what you’ve heard and store it as a digital note.

This feature is great for listeners who have ever said “Ah, I wish i could remember that” or “Where did I hear that from?”

At EX-IQ, I work every day with advertisers, podcast network, and podcasters in order to better market and understand this thriving and growing industry.

Then, I thought to myself…

How can I market this, or even use it, without understanding the podcaster’s experience?

So, I hooked up with this amazing organization in Denver called House of Pod. This knowledgable group of creatives are amazing resources for newbies like me and even have a state-of-the-art recording studio. Needless to say, I jumped in head-first.

Poems for People was born out of both my desire to write poetry as well as my desire to learn more about the experiences of podcasters everywhere.

Ask Me About My Podcast

I’m one of those people now - a podcaster. It’s a natural fit, really.

I get to talk to cool humans and make art out of words AND sounds (yay audio!), and get to embrace a new creative community.

So, ask me about my podcast. Get me in touch with people you think I should interview. Tell me where to go and introduce me to people I should meet.

As always, I appreciate you and your support. Give Poems for People a listen and please let me know what you think!