A Typewriter Poet in Denver

I am a party person - even moreso when my typewriter can come along.

Poetry is far too often an isolated act. Being a typewriter poet in Denver allows me to connect with people on a more personal basis, creating a creative, personal, and intimate space at your next event.

What is a typewriter poet?

A typewriter poet is two things. First, a poet. Second, they are a poet using a typewriter to write poems on-demand.


What does a typewriter poet do?

As a typewriter poet in Denver, I attend events, like weddings, conferences, and reunions, and write poetry.

A guest will approach my table, and choose the paper they'd like their poem to be typed on. Paper comes in a variety of colors, textures, and styles. This allows guests to truly customize their experience.

Next, we talk. Sometimes, guests tell me stories. Sometimes, they give me a theme or a word. Oftentimes, they share very intimate things: great loves, their experience as a parent, their dreams, retirement plans, and pets.

Then, I write.

In this moment, a magical thing happens. Guests light up with joy, share their poems with other guests, and sometimes even hug me.

A Typewriter Poet in Denver, For Hire

Everyone should experience typewriter poetry. It sets the tone for your event and allows guests to take home a unique and personalized token.

These poems end up on fridges, in frames, and become memorable moments from your event.

If you’re seeking an interactive source of entertainment at your next event, a typewriter poet may be what you’ve been looking for. Want to learn more? Contact me here.